We're an actual play fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast that follows four students of Scrimore Academy, a school meant to train the best and the brightest to defend Modras from Illithid invaders.

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Adam is an IT Consultant for his day job. His wife's name is Britany and they have two kids, Liam and Chase. He started playing D&D in March 2017 with his wife, brother Dustin (Merlin), Dustin's wife, and his cousin Johnny (Clyde). He started out as the DM of the group with the starter edition campaign. He also DM’s another podcast called One-shot Onslaught. He enjoys video games/board games and his favorite book series is The Kingkiller Chronicle.


Barry took his first dive into D&D in early 2018. He played a Dragonborn sorcerer in a game DM’d by Adam. When Barry isn’t playing D&D he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and also playing video games and the guitar.

Barry plays Ultrex the warforged paladin.


Shaun is the oldest brother. He is also the coolest (his words). He is a lumberjack by trade. He has a daughter named Penny. She is the bomb diggity. In his free time he loves spending time with his girlfriend Kara, lifting, riding his road bike, hiking, or playing video games. Shaun also plays the wizard Lord Shaun Snow on One-shot Onslaught.

Shaun plays Ubo the tortle artificer.


Dustin is the middle brother. Courtney married this handsome fellow and they have a daughter named Evelyn. Like the oldest brother Shaun, Dustin is also a lumberjack. In his free time he enjoys building things (even though he breaks a lot of things while recording) and playing board games of all genres as well as video games. He also plays Ironclaw on One-shot Onslaught.

Dustin plays Merlin the human warlock.


Johnny was part of Adam and Dustin’s very first dive into Dungeons and Dragons. He played a barbarian during their starter edition campaign which then went into Storm King's Thunder. Johnny likes to work on motorcycles and play his guitar while he’s not slaying things in D&D. He also plays Ted on One-shot Onslaught.

Johnny plays Clyde the goliath barbarian.

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