Lore & Snore

Dungeons & Dragons lore in a mellow tone to fall asleep to. This one is a Patreon exclusive ($1+).

Doom Clock

A horror themed stream and podcast that sends the party through time to stop monsters from killing important historical figures.

Roll for Weird

An actual play Monster of the Week monthly stream and bi-weekly podcast set in modern day Louisville, Kentucky.


Dungeons & Dragons & Space! What more could you ask for?

Dice Talk

We're a conversational TTRPG podcast that interviews authors, streamers, podcasters, gamers, artists, and other content creators to discuss topics related to tabletop gaming.

Halfway to Heroes

We're an actual play fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast that follows four students of Scrimore Academy, a school meant to train the best and the brightest to defend Modras from Illithid invaders.

Lore & Pour

Drunk History meets Dungeons & Dragons lore. Things get wild.

Shitty Cowboys

Dungeons & Dragons & Cowboys. Yeehaw!

One-shot Onslaught

We are an actual play 5e D&D podcast that plays through one shot adventures from DMsGuild.com. This means that you can start on any episode with part 1 in the title!