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Adam DeWees (He/Him)

Adam is a Software Developer for his day job. His wife's name is Britany and they have two kids, Liam and Chase. He started playing D&D in March 2017 with his wife, brother Dustin (Merlin), Dustin's wife, and his cousin Johnny (Clyde). He started out as the DM of the group with the starter edition campaign. He also DM’s another podcast called One-shot Onslaught. He enjoys video games/board games and his favorite book series is The Kingkiller Chronicle.

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My DMsGuild Adventure


The Tournament of Tokens

For years the town of Brightbank has held an annual tournament open to the bravest and the brightest. The premise was simple: enter the dungeon and emerge with the most Chips of Valor at the greatest speed. The winners would be granted magical items as well as a bounty of gold. There is a chance of death and a guarantee of danger. Does your party have what it takes to become Superiors?


I'm always looking for new collaborations!

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