Meet the Team

Adam DeWees

Network Director

Adam is a Software Developer for his day job. His wife's name is Britany and they have two kids, Liam and Chase. He started playing D&D in March 2017 with his wife, brother Dustin (Merlin), Dustin's wife, and his cousin Johnny (Clyde). He started out as the DM of the group with the starter edition campaign. He also DM’s another podcast called One-shot Onslaught. He enjoys video games/board games and his favorite book series is The Kingkiller Chronicle.

Shaun DeWees


Shaun is the oldest brother. He is also the coolest. He is a lumberjack by trade. He has a daughter named Penny. She is the bomb diggity. In his free time he loves spending time with his girlfriend Kara, lifting, riding his road bike, hiking, or playing video games.

Dustin DeWees


Dustin is the middle brother. Courtney married this handsome fellow and they have a daughter named Evelyn. One key difference between him and his druid is that he is actually a lumberjack. In his free time he enjoys building things (even though he breaks a lot of things while recording) and playing board games of all genres as well as video games.



Justin works in Financial Crimes. He is married to his wife Phoebe, and they have a daughter named Eleanor. In his free time he plays World of Warcraft, and enjoys spending time outdoors. Fun fact- He was never into DnD until Adam bribed him into playing an episode, and he became hooked ever since, and loves playing DnD with the 4 best friends anyone could ever have.

Johnny Hafner


Johnny was part of our very first dive into Dungeons and Dragons. He played a barbarian during our starter edition campaign which then went into Storm King's Thunder. He had to take a brief hiatus for his work schedule but him and Ted are back and ready to protect Raven's Point.



Dragonbait is our Roll for Weird Creeper Keeper and a fantastic crafter! Check her out on both our network as well as The Nerd Asylum.

Jeremy Fair


Jeremy is a podcaster, roleplayer, author, streamer, teacher, and all around geek. He likes to spend his time gaming, writing, drawing, and playing tabletop games. Overall, Jeremy can be summed up in three words: coffee, cats, and games.



Defying any singular definition, Danie divides her ‘down’ time between role playing games, knitting, baking, drawing, woodworking, and many other crafts. A transplant from Canada, she now lives in the south and rarely complains about the heat.



A podcasting newcomer but role playing veteran; Girunduu, like Silas, is a native Briton. Unlike Silas, he is mortal and in his thirties. Girunduu lives in Sheffield and spends his free time staying up far too late.



Born and raised under Alaska's midnight sun and current resident of Berkeley, Tiana is no stranger to weirdness. When not telling stories into a camera or microphone, she can usually be found cuddling one or more of her cats while exploring the Internet.

Barry Harvey


Barry took his first dive into D&D in early 2018. He played a Dragonborn sorcerer in a game DM’d by Adam. When Barry isn’t playing D&D he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and also playing video games and the guitar.



Whitney is a long time gamer with a passion for acting. She was introduced to D&D in 2016 and enjoys being a player as well as dungeon master. She has experience in live theatre and loves opportunities to wear new hats. When she is not acting, she divides her time between video games, anime, acrylic pouring, baking, drawing, knitting, or discovering her next new hobby all while cuddling her cats.



Patrick too has been bitten by the bug of Tabletop Role Playing. He is the host and Dungeon Master of his own D&D podcast called Dice Chronicles and loves to slip in and out of crazy character voices. With a passion for voice acting and a love for storytelling it's a wonder that he waited until just a few years ago to start rolling up characters and learning the game. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children and writing his own fantastical stories.



Robb started playing D&D (finally) in 2020 thanks to the pandemic. When he’s not streaming on Twitch he’s reading his phone on the toilet. When he’s not doing either of those things he spends time with his wife and two boys or trying to train his puppy not to chew on literally everything (including his cat).



Meghan has been playing and DM-ing DnD for two years (or as she describes it to her friends from experimental theatre grad school, “durational, chance-operations based collaborative storytelling).
Meghan is the co-host of The Ice Tea Podcast, a comedy podcast about competitive figure skating. She enjoys cheesy medical dramas and has a fluffy cat named Cake.

Kari Jo "Kage" Freudigmann


Kage is best known for being a contributor to multiple successful Kickstarers, starring in TTRPG actual play podcasts and streams, and earning five Dungeon Masters Guild best-seller metals. She is also a Twitch affiliate variety streamer, community builder, and cross-stitcher.


Joseph Timmis