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Crits & Knits

A D&D 5e Twitch Stream and Podcast

We're a D&D 5e Podcast and Twitch stream where we highlight a different knitter creator every season. We knit and play D&D! The story follows a group of retired adventures as they set off on one final adventure to save their town.

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We are a D&D 5e Twitch stream and podcast. We are a group of knitters that feature a specific designer each season. Our story follows a group of retired adventures having to pick up their weapons and go forth on one final adventure.


Meet The Cast

Featured Fiber Friend!

Taiga Hilliard Designs

Taiga Hilliard

My name is Taiga Hilliard and I am a yarn addict.


I love designs that have a classic feel to them, but with a twist and am most happy when I get to work with cashmere, or other luxury yarns.


When I do not have needles in my hands, I enjoy photography and reading.

I love top-down pieces, with very little finishing, and in the round patterns, which carries over into my designs.

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