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Crits & Knits

A D&D 5e Twitch Stream and Podcast

We're a D&D 5e Podcast and Twitch stream where we highlight a different knitter creator every season. We knit and play D&D! The story follows a group of retired adventures as they set off on one final adventure to save their town.

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We are a D&D 5e Twitch stream and podcast. We are a group of knitters that feature a specific designer each season. Our story follows a group of retired adventures having to pick up their weapons and go forth on one final adventure.


Meet The Cast

Our Featured Designer

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Kino Knits

Whether you’re here for the patterns or the podcast, my goal is the same: to take you somewhere you may not have been before. Think interesting stitches, unique constructions, off-the-beaten path destinations… I take my role as your knitting guide very seriously. All patterns are meticulously drafted, tech edited, and test knit so you can be sure your path is clear.

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