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Jeremy Fair (He/Him)

Jeremy is a podcaster, roleplayer, author, streamer, teacher, and all around geek. He likes to spend his time gaming, writing, drawing, and playing tabletop games. Overall, Jeremy can be summed up in three words: coffee, cats, and games.

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Shows I'm On

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My DMsGuild Adventures


The Mage Tower

A massive stone spire erupts from the mountainside and twists into the sky. A rickety, old tower sits at the edge of town; abandoned for ages and rumored to behaunted. An ancient, long-forgotten monolith, standing proudly in the rubbled remains of an otherwise decimated settlement. Whatever the situation calls for, The Mage Tower is just what you need. The Mage Tower is a 10-floor puzzle and combat dungeon crawler. Insert this one-shot
adventure into your own campaign and find out if your players have what it takes to survive The Mage Tower!

White as Snow

White as Snow is a dark and horrific tale of monstrosity and revenge. Though heavily inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ Snow White and many other Grimm fairytales, the story told in this adventure is far from lighthearted. We all know the classic story of Snow White: A wicked queen, obsessed with beauty,  poisons her stepdaughter just to become the 'fairest of them all'. But what happens when the murder doesn't go quite as planned? What happens when Snow White doesn't die, but instead becomes a beast of the night with eternal beauty and a thirst for blood?


The Siren's Cry

Waves clash against the warn, oaken sides of The Siren’s Cry as it steadily makes its way West across the Sea of Swords.Two long days of travel have already passed, and the fourteen travelers aboard the small galleon are scheduled to make port at Ruathym by dawn of the third day. How will plans change for the remaining thirteen passengers when a body is found with a knife in it’s back? Who will be punished, and who will escape? Who is the real monster, and is anyone truly innocent? Can you survive The Siren's Cry?  

The Plight of the Blight Thief

In the dead of night, something sinister has come to pay a visit to the small village of Thanestowne. A number of local shops and vendors have been robbed and ransacked, leaving nothing behind but measly crumbs, damaged doors, and hefty clawed footprints leading northward toward the Neverwinter Woods. The fishmonger, butcher, baker, and cheesemaker have seemingly been invaded and robbed-each waking up to find nothing more than empty shelves and despoiled shops.

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