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Meghan (She/Her)

Meghan has been playing and DM-ing DnD for two years (or as she describes it to her friends from experimental theatre grad school, “durational, chance-operations based collaborative storytelling).
Meghan is the co-host of The Ice Tea Podcast, a comedy podcast about competitive figure skating and the DM of a D&D actual play podcast called Quest Laid Plans. She enjoys cheesy medical dramas and has a fluffy cat named Cake.

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Shows I'm On


Non Majestic Goose Network Shows I'm On


Ice Tea Podcast

The open skate of podcasts.


A show for figure skating enthusiasts of all skill levels, recapping current events from this competitive season


Hosted by Meghan Kelleher and Neda Marie Valcheva


Quest Laid Plans

What happens when you already saved the world at 18? Ten years later, an old party learns new tricks || A NEW D&D PODCAST

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