• Danielle Thuen

Howl's Moving Castle

On April 13, 2021, we talked about Howl's Moving Castle. DB talked about the Miyazaki movie version, and Danie talked about the book by Diana Wynne Jones, and it turns out that the two versions have VERY different things going on! We'll be revisiting this one after DB reads the book and Danie watches the movie.

This week's craft was a plushie Calcifer by Choly Knight. The pattern is free, and we got our supply list for the week from the pattern. We both chose to sew by hand (machines are so loud!), and came close to being finished by the end of the stream.

My Calcifer may have been claimed by a furry friend... (don't worry, she doesn't get to play with it unattended - it's only hand-stitched!)

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