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On March 16, 2021, just before St. Patrick's Day, we talked about the 1993 comedy/horror movie, Leprechaun. Did you know Jennifer Aniston was in that one? And that there are, like, five of them??

We created our own pots of gold for this one. Supplies included:

- a pot or cauldron

- round, soft wooden pieces or thick card stock cut into circles

- something to indent the 'coins' (a stylus, a dried-out ballpoint pen, or an embossing tool)

- gold, brown, and black paint and paint brushes

- optional: lights and extra stuffing for the bottom of the cauldron.

As always, mistakes were made... someone may have thought she had gold paint, but didn't actually have it, and may have tried to mix paints to come up with a gold color... and ended up with a shade that Girunduu dubbed 'glod' because, well, that's what this color sounded like. But DB's cauldron looked great!

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