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Majestic Goose!

On November 24, 2020, we talked about the Majestic Goose Network! That's right, we raved about our friends and the cool stuff they create. And while we did that, we worked on some holiday projects that were loosely connected...

DB created a Bigfoot plush using a pattern from Sew Desu Ne? , because Filburt has a Bigfoot lawyer in Roll For Weird. Danie made a bunch of small ornaments, including a horse (for Sh*tty Cowboys), tentacle dice (for Roll for Weird), a Mountain Dew star (for Adam), and a couple of painted wooden ornaments. There may have been blood...

Supplies for this episode included:

- corks

- googly eyes

- felt

- yarn

- d6 die

- polymer clay

- glue

- Mountain Dew can (empty, clean, and dry)

- permanent marker

- washi tape

- ruler

- glue

- scissors

- wooden ornaments

- paint and paint brushes

You can watch the episode here:

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